Can we end poverty? Yes, together we can and we will prove it!

Every day 18,750 children under five years old dies from a lack of food. Life is an opportunity not an obligation! I am not starting the non-profit day labor company to proselytize. The goal is to end World Poverty not judge people for what they do or don't believe about God. I hope that you want to help the homeless and hungry people not judge me for my beliefs about God. It's time to invoke the Declaration of Independence!

Location: Washington, United States

I'm funny, cute, smart, and three years old. I love it when my mommy reads me books and plays with me. I like to paint my club house made from a box that the tv came in. I'm really sad because I only get to see her every other weekend. My daddy is not very nice to her and he won't let me spend more time with her. I want to live with her.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This is what he looked like when he was taken from me.

This is what he looked like when I finally got to see him again. Please help me get him back. This is my 17 year old daughter Heather.

Saturday, October 15, 2005



Thursday, October 13, 2005

The legal kidnapping of my nursing 13 month old son Isaiah for talking about God and Government corruption in public.

I am a veteran of the United States Army. I worked on helicopters in Korea. I get a 10% disability that I had to fight 8 years to get. A whole $100.00. Thank God for the Purple Hearts who fought for me because at least I get to use the VA for my health and medications.

The United States cannot help bring about world peace when it does not follow its own human rights laws. My story is not unique nor an exception to the rule. Human rights have been violated all the way through the Supreme Court since its inception. The Federal Government consistently breaks its own laws to include the Constitution of the United States.

I was arrested Sept 8, 2003 in downtown Seattle, WA on a public sidewalk in front of Medgar Evers Pool in the Central District trying to gain support for a business to end poverty. When first arrested I was told it was for child luring. However, at my first hearing I learned I was charged with Pedestrian Interference.

The Charge: September 9, 03 Cause # 446029 Ms. Sack was alleged to have been passing out flyers to students on their way to school, blocking the sidewalk in a public place so that the students had to walk around her, and talking about various issues like Martin Luther King Jr., Toxins, Government Fraud…. It was reported that she left her baby unattended for minutes at a time. Ms. Sack was arrested and her baby was placed in DSHS.

It was later learned that she exercised her right to freedom of speech in a public place earlier that day and during the previous year she also exercised her right to freedom of speech in another public place and people had to walk around her.

SMC 12A.12.015 Pedestrian Interference states a person is guilty of pedestrian interference if, in a public place, he/she intentionally obstructs pedestrians by walking, standing, sitting, lying, in a manner that requires another person to have to take evasive action to avoid physical contact.

Ruling: Must complete evaluation for competency to stand trial. Release on own recognizance. No contact order with Garfield HS, Medgar Evers Pool.

Findings: 9/23/03 She refuses evaluation because she believes we must uphold Amendment 6 to the Constitution of the United States.

Ruling: Issue arrest warrant and force her to take evaluation.

9/26/03 Arrested, 9/29/03 Competency evaluation ordered.

Findings: 10/8/03
Robert W. Powers, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Western State Hospital (206) 733-9744 She believes she has the Constitutional right to speak in public about Government Fraud. She believes the truth has a right to be known. She believes that Francis L. Young., DEA Judge, approved marijuana to be reclassified and be medically legal in September 6 1988. This makes her paranoid.

She also believes in her Constitutional right to believe in God and that He actually wants her to help homeless people. When I asked if she had any thought of harming others she answered, “Only thoughts of helping them. I’ve got an idea of how to feed all the hungry people. The schools belong to the people. She continued to talk in a rambling manner about a plan to provide poor people with homes, food and education in exchange for work so that they would remain occupied and not use drugs or alcohol. This makes her delusional and grandiose.

Upon further review it is discovered that in Nov of 2002 she had unrealistic plans of opening a business. Her husband thinks this is very bizarre behavior and psychotic. She reportedly countered all her husband’s stories with stories of her own. In July of 2003 she was found to be religiously preoccupied and grandiose. She spoke of putting God back into the schools. She appeared manic, pressured, and paranoid.

At the time of this interview I found her to be cooperative, well-developed, oriented to person, place, time, and situation. Her immediate recall was intact, her language skills and executive functioning were intact as evidenced by her ability to correctly name objects, repeat phrases, and follow written and spoken directions. She was fully oriented and her executive functioning was intact.

Overall, she presented as a cooperative, delusional, and hypomanic woman whose thought processes were tangential, paranoid, and grandiose, in addition to being religiously preoccupied. For example, at the end of the interview she told me, “God will take care of me.” She then began talking about the fact that “In God We Trust” is printed on U.S. currency and that the President of the United States talks about God.

She was able to state what the police accused her of doing, but she denied these actions and talked in an illogical manner about her belief that the police did not see her blocking the sidewalk. When I asked her if she knew why her competency to stand trial had been questioned she stated, “I guess because I said that this was something that God wanted me to do. Now this is all about my freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom to have a jury trial.”

It is my opinion that due to her mental illness, she lacks the capacity to assist in her defense. It is respectfully requested that the Court grant the treating facility authority to treat her against her will if deemed clinically necessary.

Ruling: 10/09/03 Judge Theresa Doyle MHC 1101. ACA attorney Duncan Lewis present, parties take no exception to contents in WSH report dated 10/8/03. After colloquy with defendant court finds defendant able to proceed. Release on own recognizance.

Filed: 10/16/03 Defendant waives right to counsel and prefers to proceed pro se.

Filed: 10/16/03 Defendant enters plea of innocent and presents right to be confronted with the witnesses against her and to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in her favor by exercising her right to amendment 6 of the Constitution of the United States.

Ruling: 10/16/03 Judge orders defendant and prosecutor to plea bargain. Defendant refuses to plea bargain on the grounds of innocence.

Filed: 10/16/03 Defendant files motion to dismiss on grounds of lack of evidence based on the rest of the law not stated in the charge governing pedestrian interference: SMC 12A.12.015, Acts exercised as one’s constitutional right to legally protest shall not constitute obstruction of pedestrian.
Filed: 10/16/03 City recommends dismissal of charges based on incompetence to stand trial.

Ruling: 10/16/03 Judge dismisses charges based on incompetence to stand trial.

Because of all that I didn’t see my baby for about nine months. Then, for a year I only got to see him under supervision once a week for two hours that I had to pay for. Now, I only get him every other weekend if my husband lets me. I never left my baby unattended nor did I block the sidewalk even though it is legal for protestors.
I can prove it, I have witnesses.

Isaiah was given to his father convicted of abusing him who had not seen him in a year. I was given a restraining order against my nursing baby, husband, and home that had my name on the mortgage. I was homeless for a year.

I was physically assaulted by four jail guards, tortured and stripped of all my clothes and left lying on a filthy floor for not answering a question. I was placed in rooms not more than 50 degrees for more than 24 hours where the walls, toilet, and door were smeared with blood and feces. The mattress I had to sleep on was cracked and the cotton stuffing inside was soaked with vomit and urine. I was not allowed to use the phone. No outside contact of any kind. My rights were not read to me. I kept telling them they had not read me my rights. The said they didn't have to read me my rights.

I thought I lived in the USA not in Iraq. I thought we were killing people in Iraq so that I could stand in a public place and disagree with the Government without fear. I thought the terrorists hated our freedom. I thought Saddam Hussein was toppled for this very reason. I didn’t know they could take your baby for disagreeing with the Government and talking about God.

Imagine what my baby went through crying for me every day. Not knowing where I am or when I will come back. Imagine how upset babies get that you hold that don’t belong to you when they want their mothers. How many months did he cry for me? The DSHS report states my baby screamed for the entire 3 days he was in their custody. I was the only person he knew and he nursed. 40 days after he was taken I stood outside my house at 5 AM and listened to him calling my name and crying for one and half hours. He was coughing and choking from crying so hard. He was looking all around calling amah, the name he called me. His father was not comforting him. That image will stay with me for the rest of my life. It made me sick.

I cried daily for at least six months. I hand expressed breast milk for nearly three month thinking I was going to get him back. I slowly went insane. I couldn’t focus my eyes; I couldn’t swing my arms when I walked, and my mouth hung open. I couldn’t read or even talk and yet I cried and cried and cried. I have recovered through God's help and now it's it time to take care of business! It's time to prove the truth for all the suffering people. How many times have you cried over injustice?
Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, Congress shall make no law governing the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the Government for a redress of grievances, the first Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. The founders of the Declaration of Independence did so because they were not allowed to disagree with the Government and believe and express what they wanted about God. There was no other reason. They wanted to be free from tyranny.

The Declaration of Independence is higher than the Constitution. Every Year on July 4th we celebrate the Declaration of Independence not the Constitution. It was written a full 11 years before the Constitution. It is the law of the land. There is no higher law except God. It's time to invoke this document!

THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO HEAR THIS STORY. It is as important as anything else in the news today. This is about our rights being usurped. This story is about all the other stories of human indignities. Are we a land of free people or are we governed by tyranny? Get media sources involved in this story and I will stand up for all the people not just my baby. Let’s get the innocent people out of jail! Let’s feed the dying people! I’m asking you to invest only one dollar plus a stamp. Every one can do that. You lose more money than that in your couch.

If you want to help me get my son back and start this non profit business please send just one dollar and I will show you how it can happen. This is an investment in your future not just mine! I promise to show you where every single dollar goes all the time.

Nancy Sack
1425 S Puget Dr. F3
Renton, WA 98055

In regards to my plan to end world poverty what about these sayings?

If your mind can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.

If you think you can then you can but if you think you can’t then you are right.

Focus on the effort not on the outcome.

FEAR stands for false evidence appearing real.

Bravery means being afraid and doing it anyway.

Life is only 10 % of what happens to you and 90 % of your attitude.

Faith without works is dead.

Whoever feeds, clothes, gives water, visits in prison to the least of these does it for me.

Life is an opportunity not an obligation.

If I don’t do it, who will?

Success is failure turned inside out.

Never give up.

Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Susan B. Anthony went to jail, charge: Voting

Rosa Parks went to jail, charge: Not getting up for a white man.

Harriet Tubman, charge: Stealing white men’s legal property. Not caught but would have been tortured and hanged.

Martin Luther King Jr. went to jail, charge: Believed he had the same rights as the whites.

went to jail, charge: Couldn’t find any but he was executed anyway.

Cindy Sheehan went to jail, charge: Exercising her right to peaceably assemble and ask for a redress of grievances which Congress shall make no law prohibiting not even making a permit necessary.
Many, many more.

People who think they are on a mission for/from God:

George Bush
American Red Cross
the Salvation Army
Samaritan's Purse
Feed the Children
Mercy Corpse
World Vision
World Relief
Mother Theresa
James Dobson
Billy Graham
Every Pastor
the Pope
Song Writers
There are many more to numerous to name.

I have sent this to the ACLU, Gov of WA, Senator of WA, Mayors of Seattle and Renton, every ambassador in the world, all syndicated radio talk show hosts, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Montel, Regis and Kelly, 2020, Dateline, Nightline, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, the National Urban League, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, United Nations, the President of the US, all representatives of Congress, the House, the Senate, human rights organizations, the general public and every media source to include newspaper, radio, TV, and magazines in all major cities in at least ten states and countries including Canada, Spain, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Japan, China, at least 500 churches across the country, Promise Keepers in every region, and still going.

PLEASE PASS THIS STORY ON! Email my blog to every one you know and ask them to pass it on. Together we can end world poverty without help from a corrupt government. In so doing we will topple the corrupt government peacefully.

My Personal experience

Because there was a video of the man being beaten in New Orleans justice may be served. If there was no video regardless of how many witnesses there were nothing would have happened to those officers. He has not drank alcohol in 25 years and was proud of it, yet they say he was drunk and resisting. The following is my personal experience of what I went through. I will update it as I am not finished telling the story.

I was in downtown Seattle exercising my right to freedom of speech. Because I told a high school student that I was starting a non profit business that would teach people skills and that they would not have to go to college I was arrested for child luring which was changed at the police station to pedestrian interference. They knew that I was not guilty of child luring. Arrested for a felony of sexual deviancy toward a minor but charged with a misdemeanor of something that is legal that I didn't even do. There were witnesses who would have testified under oath in my defense which still is not necessary since it's not illegal. Now they will come forward and testify in my law suit against the city.

I told her after the business was started and that she and all her friends could come over to my house and use my trampoline and hot tub. I told the same thing to at least 500 other people. I know what it's like not to have anything. I did not give her my address or phone #, or invite her anywhere with the intent to harm her, I only gave her a web address on a flyer I had made that she was to give to her parents. I had my 13 month old nursing baby with me. How can I be a sexual deviant with a baby in my arms towards a girl bigger than me.

Luring is trying to get a minor under the age of 16 out of site of people for sexual purposes not giving them a web address so their parents can see it. Plus, why would I continue to stay there long enough for the police to arrive? Her mother was angry because I told her daughter she did not have to go to college that there was another way. She was a high school student which means she was probably 16 years old and did not fall under the law as a minor anyway.

It took three police officers to take my baby away from me. He cried and cried. There were at least 50 students from the nearby high school watching the whole thing. We sat there for two hours. I was screaming his name while they were holding him outside the car I was in. He was crying so hard. They took him to another car so I couldn't see him anymore. After two hours they came to me and asked for a bottle or pacifier. I told him I nursed my baby. He looked at me with utter disgust and said, "How old is he?!" I said he is a baby and then I begged the officer to bring him to me so I could nurse.

I was finally taken to the station and because I would not answer a question I was brutalized. The guard said, "I'll make you answer the question." They ripped out handfuls of my hair, slammed my face to the cement, twisted my wrists to the breaking point, rubbed my face back and forth across the cement causing a severe burn, tried to spray mace in my face because I was screaming from the severe pain, and then ripped off my clothes, threw the jail clothes on my back and walked out the door laughing. There were at least four guards, two male and two female. There were also at least ten witnesses who saw it start. There were many more who heard me screaming because I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

After about 7 hours in this freezing cold room they took me to another freezing cold room with blood and feces smeared all over the walls and door. The mat I had to sleep on smelled of urine and vomit. It was old and cracked with the stuffing showing which is where the vomit and urine was. The horse blanket they gave me wasn't big enough to cover my body and I am only 5 ft 3 in. I froze all night.I tried to cover my face but the smell from the urine and vomit nearly made me vomit. My face was so cold. I could not stretch out as the blanket was not long enough. My feet were freezing as I was not given socks.

After I was released I used the only ten dollars I had left to take a cab to my car where I had been arrested but it wasn't there. I called impound but they did not have it. I called my estranged husband but he just hung up on me. I finally got someone to take me all the way from Seattle to Kirkland during rush hour traffic. When I got home the car was there. My estranged husband had come and got it and brought it to the house he had not been staying at.

How did he know since we were separated? He had not come around for at least two months after the restraining order was no longer effective. He was not visiting his son. He had not visited him in a year between the no contact order, the restraining order, and by his own choice. He had been convicted of 4th degree assault against Isaiah. He should have been convicted of assualting my 14 year old daughter, too since he knocked her to the ground in his anger.

I called 911 to report the brutality from the guards. They said they would not help me, that I had to contact Seattle Police. If I am brutalized I am suppose to call 911 regardless of who it is. That man in New Orleans did not hire an attorney to prove his case. He didn't file a report. Thank God there was a video for him. The officers were arrested and now have to go through the process of proving their innocence. That is what was supposed to happen to those jail guards in Seattle. If the police had done their jobs there would have been plenty of witnesses.

I went to the VA hospital since I am a veteran. The emergency room male person who saw me told me, "You'll survive." I was bruised, cut, burned and in incredible pain and I was in shock. I said, "I know I will survive, this is not about surviving." He did not take pictures and did not look at all the cuts and bruises on my arms and legs. He never got closer to me than 15 feet. I have since read what he wrote. He said I was delusional because of my ideas about ending racial tensions between blacks and whites. He said I had told him that I had resisted arrest and that was why I was brutalized. I never resisted arrest and I have witnesses who will prove it. I resisted giving my baby to kidnappers because that is what they are.

He wrote that I had a bruise on my cheek with no tenderness. That's weird. Since when is there no tenderness with a bruise? When I read what he had written I was livid.

When I got back home my estranged husband's attorney who had defended him through his domestic violence had left a message on my voice mail that they were going to court the next day to take custody of Isaiah. It was evening and I did not know where my baby was or how to get him back. The next day I went to the hearing and the judge would not listen to anything I had to say. He and John's attorney had already had a conversation about me before I got there. I have since found out that was illegal. I was about 15 minutes late because of three accidents in downtown Seattle that stopped all traffic. There was no one else waiting to see this judge.

He wouldn't let me show him any of my evidence like the no contact order from the other district or John's conviction or the fact that John had not been in Isaiah's life for a whole year. When I tried to talk and tell him John was lying he told me to shut up. I am sure there are court transcripts. I had a picture of me where John's adult 6 ft 2 in, 250 lb son wrote he wanted to rape me on the back of it. The judge said he only had ten minutes and did not have time to look at anything I had. He allowed John's attorney to talk even though they had already talked and the case against me had already been presented.

I walked out of his court with him threatening to sign the restraining order against me. I told him I was going to find someone who would look at my evidence. I took all the evidence to my car and since I was now homeless I stood in front of the court house for three days telling anyone walking past who would listen what had happened. I showed them the bruises on my body from the police and the burn on my face. I told them what the judge did by giving my baby to his abusive father. I made a make shift tent out of plastic I had brought with me to help the homeless not knowing I was going to be made homeless myself. I duct taped it in between a trash can and a paper stand. The police constantly harassed me and tore up my tent three times.

My husband saw my car as he was leaving the court and since he had a key he stole all the evidence I had against him out of my car. I did not know what else to do. I called every free legal aid I knew of. I went back to the judge who had convicted John and told him John was continuing his domestic violence in Seattle courts. I have since learned it was illegal for him to meet with me without John. He said it was out of his jurisdiction and said he wouldn't help. The Judicial Code of Conduct says he is required to help and set up another court appearance with John present for me to add my new claims to his DV cae. I gave him a tape recorded journal of my experience with the police, the guards, and having my baby taken from me.

I thought since my grandma was Native American I would go to the reservation and see if they would help me. I had never been to any reservation before and did not know where I was going. I looked up Tulalup Reservation and started driving. Once I got on the reservation I took a few turns and ended up on the beach. It was late so I thought I would stay on the beach since all beaches below the tide line are public property.

White rich people living near the beach who thought they owned the beach called the tribal police. I told them I was below the tide line and that it was public property and that I did not have to leave. They arrested me and took me to their station. They left me handcuffed to a bench for at least four hours. There was a toilet close by but not within reach. What was I suppose to do? The room smelled of urine and there were stains from others who had used the floor and the wall near the bench and then the urine had run into the drain in the middle of the floor. I was not about to urinate in my clothes and I was in incredible pain from needing to go. They gave me no choice. It was humiliating and degrading.

They took me to a gas station near the highway and handed me a phone number to impound for my car. They kept my keys, driver's license, money, credit cards, wallet, coat, everything. They didn't even give me fifty cents to call impound. My car was parked on private property of people who only stayed during the summer and had already left and their property was vacant. There is no way they complained. Plus, I have already talked to one of the officers who admitted the family had not complained.

I spent nearly a week homeless in Marysville without a shelter system trying to get help through the internet at the library. A woman I had met let me use her card number to get on the internet since with ID or an address you can't use the internet. I even contacted the Ombudsman in Seattle. They said there was nothing they could do. I contacted every free legal service I could find. I begged for money to call the legal services. No one would help.

I begged for fifty cents so I could call impound. I did not have a way to get to impound but thought I might be able to find someone to give me a ride. I thought I could use a credit card to pay impound. They told me over the phone that they would not let me get in my car to retrieve my ID and registration to prove it was my car. They had the keys. Every thing I owned was inside my car. The Marysville Police would not help. I begged for more money to call the chief of police for the Tulalup Tribe. He would not help. I had to beg for money in front of McDonalds so I could get a one dollar chicken sandwich. I went days without eating. I went to several churches for help, they would not help.

I hitch hiked to Kirkland because there was no reason to stay in Marysville and no other way to get to Kirkland where my house was. I went home because even though I knew the judge said he would sign the order preventing me from going home, I had not been served yet so it was not valid yet. John was there moving in a friend. I walked in the house and took off my shoes that I had not taken off for at least five days. John saw me and left. I begged his friend to help. The police came and arrested me. I did not know Isaiah was in the other room. He heard me talking and started crying. I begged the police to let me see him. Just to see his face. I was so upset. They would not let me see him.

I was arrested without my shoes on for not taking the evaluation and then served with the restraining order. I spent two weeks in jail waiting for the evaluation. There is only one way to call out if you don't have money and that's collect. I tried to call collect every single church in the phone book regardless of denomination. Only one accepted my call and he would not help. I called newsapers none would accept my call. While in jail, I received a notice to go to court for a new restraining order barring me from Isaiah, John, and my home. Apparently the judge had only signed a temporary one month order. I think the date was set for Sept 24, 03.

I went back to court and the judge informed me I had passed the evaluation and was able to proceed to court for pedestrian interference. She said I believe you will show up to defend yourself and so I will release you on your own recognizance. She said I was refrained from contact with the girl I had talked to and her mother. I said I could not even remember what they looked like. She also said I was refrained from contact with Medgar Pool and Garfield High School. I said I had not gone to either establishment.

I had to put on the filthy stinking clothes I had been homeless in. I was about to walk out without shoes when one of the clerks asked me if I would like the jail sandals. I was very grateful. There is more I will add here about what I did when I first left jail.

I was homeless and spent my days trying to figure out the shelter system and finding clothes and shoes. I tried to go on the internet at the Seattle Library to research my case but you have to have ID. Everything had been taken from me. There was no way to even get an ID. I searched law books and WA code books. I had to beg for enough money to make copies of the law. I went to the ACLU they said they would not help. I was able to get around because of the free bus system during the day. I walked a lot. I talked to a lot of homeless people. I saw a great deal of suffering. I met a man from another country whose fingernails had been ripped off one by one for his faith. He still felt constant pain but had to work at laborous day labor jobs in order to have just a little money. I studied my case for at least 56 hours.

I went to court I think Sept 16, 03 for the pedestrian interference charge. While waiting I spoke to others that were there for court. One man had called a woman repeatedly using fowl language and threatening her life on her answering machine. He readily admitted it since there were recordings. His lawyer got his charges dropped. I met a couple who admitted they were guilty of public intoxication and hitting each other in public. Their lawyer got their charges dropped.

I tried to represent myself. The judge would not let me go to trial and call the at least 50 witnesses I had on my side who saw the whole thing. They would testify that the police were lying plus the fact that the law does not even prohibit what they were accusing me of doing. I followed all procedure. I requested the charges be dropped since there was no evidence a crime had even been committed. She said I was mentally incapable of going to trial and couldn't possibly understand the charges against me She dismissed the charges saying that I was mentally unstable after she had already told me I was mentally capable of going to trial. She was required by law to give me a 24 hours notice that she was dismissing the case but she did not.

I requested a copy of my mental health evaluation but the prosecutor would not give me a copy. The judge said she had to. Still she refused. I told the judge the prosecutor was in contempt of court and needed to go to jail. The judge changed her mind and said the procesutor did not have to give me a copy.

I went to court for the restraining order a few days later I think 9/16/03. Judge Michael J. Fox said there was no evidence that kept me from my baby and he would not sign the order. This judge would not let me talk either and tell him what John was doing. I was crying and told him I missed my baby. John's attorney said John wanted a divorce so the judge sent us to family court. I begged the judge to listen to me, he said to go to family court, listen to the judge, then come back and then he would listen to me.

The family court judge would not let me talk either. I tried to tell her John had no proof of what he was saying. She said I had mental problems. She was incredibly nice to John and his attorney but was so rude to me. I asked for a copy of every thing John was being given and a copy of any proof but she would give me nothing. John said I had left five hours of harrassing messages on his voice mail but that was a lie. I said he had to prove it, that he could not make an accusation without proof.

She asked if he had proof he nodded and played something inaudable for about fifteen seconds. She asked if that was what the full five hours sounded like and he nodded. He said he had heard from a third party that I wanted to kill my baby through sacrifice. I said that was hearsay and inadmissable. I was so angry by the way I was being treated that I walked out of her court three times to prevent me from saying something I would later regret.

I got a restraining order for one full year saying I could not go home or see my nursing baby. I went straight back to the judge who said he would listen to me, (Michael J. Fox) and he would not even come out of his chambers. His assistant said he no longer had any say since the whole case was given to family court and that he would not see me. I said, "He's a liar." and walked out the door.

I was in complete shock. I had never been homeless before. I had been on my own since I was 17 and still in high school. I will talk more here about the emotional turmoil I went through and every thing that happened while I was homeless and how I ended up back in jail for two months then to Western State Mental Hospital for another two months.

The church we had been going to (Northwest Church International, Kirkland, WA) convinced John I was not a submissive wife. They supported him through his whole domestic violence conviction and welcomed him with open arms back into the church but I was disfellowshipped because I disagreed with the pastor about submission. They went to all his court appearances standing with him blaming me for his violence because I questioned his authority.

I will finish this story soon.

Friday, October 07, 2005


I've gone through a lot of abuse in my life and I will write about it as time permits. My ultimate goal is to start a non profit business to end world
poverty. I have a lot to say about many things and I hope you will continue to read my thoughts and join with me to world end poverty.


I have spent the whole day emailing my story to every news agency, newspaper, magazine, talk show, state and country I could find on the web.


The FBI is investigating my case. I found out they have a bureau that investigates civil rights violations especially religious freedom. I went to the prosecuting attorney's office yesterday to ask why they would charge me with something that is not illegal. I was informed that it's quite alright for the police to arrest people for doing something that is legal and then force them to go to court to prove what they were doing was legal. I said, "That's false arrest!" He said, "Hire an attorney and prove it." I called the East Precinct and the desk officer said he never heard of such a thing.

Marc Mayo is the prosecuting attorney I spoke to. When I sited the law and the Constitution he said legally protest means the city has certain times and places to protest. I said, "No, they don't. I can protest any time I want, anywhere that is public." He said, "I'm not going to argue with you, hire an attorney." I said, "I am my own attorney. I am PRO SE." He said, "I have nothing more to say to you." I said, "You just don't want to be helpful." He said, "I have helped you all I can."

When I called the East Precinct I also asked about the law governing freedom to protest. He said there are no times or places and that I could stand in one place and people do have to walk around me. This is not what happened and I have witnesses. However, even if what they said is true I still did not commit a crime worthy of being arrested for. This is clearly false arrest and false imprisonment and cruel and unusual punishment.

The East Precinct officer told me I should hire an attorney. I said I am PRO SE. He said, "I don't recommend you represent yourself, haven't you heard what they say?" I said, "That saying comes from lawyers who want your money and I am quite capable of representing myself."

One of the things the non profit business will address is teaching people how to represent themselves and assist them in their trials.


My story that I sent to Senator Maria Cantwell was published on her web page. I handed out a lot of fliers today and purchased 10,000 guaranteed hits on the web site. I am really excited about this happening. We the people are greater than they the leaders. I received the police report today and will post soon what the officer said I did. I am looking forward to the day all those students who saw what happened come forward and tell the truth. I know they will not lie for the police. The Seattle Police are guilty of abusing a lot of people. I hope to include their stories and yours on this site so everyone can read our stories. I am sick of the government taking advantage of us and getting away with it. We are starting something new that will end world poverty and government corruption.

If you have any ideas please email them to me at or call me at 425-226-2532 Together we are going to invoke the Declaration of Independence through peaceful means.


I spent the whole day emailing my story to every church with an email address I could find in the yellow pages online. If you want fliers to put up I made some really good ones and I would love to mail some to you.

I was suppose to see Isaiah one eve this week but John would not let me see him. What recourse do I have? I can't hire an attorney as I have no money.

I got a letter from the ACLU. They don't think my case is relevant to the people at large. How funny. My case as much as anyone's is relevant if not more so.


I have an invisible counter on the site to see how many people are visiting the site and I am excited to say that the site has been visited nearly 350 times in just three days. I have only been advertising about four or five days. We are getting visitors from all over the world. We are really going to do this! I got $2 today and $3 the other day. I will always post how much money is coming in.

This business belongs to the people. In getting the business started we will all be able to tell the truth about what has happened to us. I spent the day in the Central District of Seattle. I taped up lots of fliers with tear off pieces of paper with the web address on them. I also handed out lots of fliers. I spoke to a lot of people. I heard many stories of abuse by the Seattle police. Murder, bones being broken, and a beating in the head.

Come on everybody. Let's prove we can do this. Invest one dollar. If a hundred thousand people give just one dollar we will have $100,000.00. We are going to start with tent cities at churches and work through the neighborhoods. All we need to pay for is the Porto potties. We can probably have every thing else donated. Tent cities will reduce our overhead to almost nothing. Imagine how many tent cities we can set up and start working with $100,000.00!

All services and products will be for a suggested donation. In addition to them getting a service or product they will also receive a tax write off. We won't have to pay taxes either as this will be a non profit 501c3. I have already spoken to the IRS and was assured this will work. I have lots of ideas that will generate money.

We are going to take the people who wants skills and go get the automobiles in the junk yards and teach them how to refurbish them. Then we are going to sell them for a suggested donation. In addition to getting a car the person giving the suggested donation will also get a tax write off. We are going to landscape, paint, put in driveways, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and lots more all through suggested donations.

Instead of being paid we will all be taken care of. Money is what causes greed and power. Without money there is no power. If people want to be paid we teach them a skill and take care of them while we are teaching them. Then we will give them a reference and help them find a job with the type of businesses that pay. Our business will give you everything you need and want for free. All you have to do is work for us. Yes this is socialism but the difference is this is not communism. Everyone is going to own everything. Anyone who helps with this business will be on the list as part owner. But don't forget it is non profit. We will be putting a lot of companies out of business. We will gain their customers because of the tax credit.
We will always help the people going out of business. They can always work for us.

Nothing you can do will keep you from receiving help from us. You may have to change jobs or move to a different location depending on your crime but we will never leave you alone to fend for yourself as long as you are willing to receive our help. We are going to take over the jails and prisons and help all those people. We are going to end the welfare system. We are going to pay off all the student loans. I will share more as we go.

If we will all come together I promise this will happen. I have been working on this since I was 16 and now I almost 40. This will work, I know it will. Start investing your dollar as soon as possible and tell all your friends. This can go out across the world very rapidly if you will just spend a few minutes every day telling people to visit the site. The quicker we get the money together the quicker we can get started. The more money we get the faster we can get to the dying people! Come on y'all let's do it. Let's do it now!!! Don't wait, the babies are dying everyday.


We've hit over 515 hits on the web site! Keep telling people. I am so tired. I got up around 4:30 this morning and started right away emailing the story to people. I see something on TV or hear it on the radio and I suddenly get an idea of who to email. I go online to search the name and come up with more ideas from the search page. Then when I get to the site I link onto everything possible. I follow the links until I am exhausted. Hours go by so easily. I have literally emailed thousands of people and companies. I have a folder in my favorites that contains sites with lists of places to email the story. I am so amazed at the ability of God to direct me right where he wants me to go. Thank you so much for trusting and believing me. Even if you don't believe and trust please keep watching so that you too can believe.

God is not judging you, he is judging the money makers. A lot of you are deceived because you have been taught something for so long that you get angry when the truth is presented. You get angry at something someone says that is actually kind. They haven't called you a vile name or cursed at you. They haven't put you down by calling you fat or ugly or stupid. No, as a matter of fact these things don't even make you angry. You don't yell at them for being mean. No, you become angry because their opinion differs from yours. They won't believe your opinion. This makes you angry. You attack. You shove them out of your church where you are bound by your own oath to God to be loving even to your enemies.

You are led by emotionalism brought about by blind faith in something someone else told you before. You don't believe that what you were taught and have already accepted as truth could be wrong. So when someone comes along with the truth and keeps trying to overcome your false reasons that you have no evidence to support, you become angrier and angrier to the point of violence on your part. They did nothing wrong. Just countered your argument with logical deductive reasoning skills which you lack. If you didn't lack these skills you would not become angry to the point of walking away or striking out in some way.

No one can be guilty of trespassing on any church property as the members are bound by the law they gladly tell people they believe. They say they are in the world but not of it. This means they are not governed by the same laws as man. They cannot call the police for a person begging on the property that is suppose to belong to God. Their law says give to all who ask. If someone asks you to go a mile go two. If someone asks for a shirt give your coat too. You cannot judge if you are not willing to be judged. To judge a person as a beggar not worthy of the love that you think you so freely just worshipped God with is a dichotomy.

Don't call people liars unless you can prove that they are lying. Even then don't say the word. When someone says something you don't believe to be true, you must give them the benefit of the doubt unless through logical deductive reasoning and proof you can point out in a loving way why you believe something different. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are being argumentative. Don't just write them off, listen to what they are saying. Don't accuse them of being argumentative or combative because they are only being assertive. Stick to the point being discussed. Saying those things to them is only attacking because you lack the skills necessary to debate. If you can't debate DON'T express your opinion. Opinions are always up for debate. Always. You may not like someone debating your opinion but you started the debate by expressing your opinion. There is no reason to express your opinion unless you are wanting someone to believe it. Otherwise keep your opinion to yourself.

I had a Christian man who is with internal investigations for the police call me a liar today outside a church about my story. He never met me before nor was he there. I have absolute proof about what I am saying documented in writing and witnesses who are going to come forward. That's the reason for so much corruption. People who could help won't because of their blind faith in something. He was supposed to show me God's love but all he did was act like evolution is true. Survival of the strongest. He can't hurt me. Only I am responsible for my feelings. My life is not dependent on his acceptance. This actually makes me stronger than he is. My life will go on being happy and he will go on being judgmental when he could actually help.


I just had to make sure every one knows what the U.N. had to say about my petition for them to investigate human rights violations in the U.S. This is exactly the email they sent to me.

Dear Ms. Sack,

After careful consideration of the contents of your complaint, we sincerely regret having to inform you that the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is not in a position to assist you in the matter you raise. The Human Rights Committee cannot examine petitions alleging violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) unless the State is also a party to the Optional Protocol (OP). The United States of America is not a State party to the Optional Protocol.

For information about the procedures for the examination of individual petitions on human rights violations, please consult our website:, (direct link If you have difficulty accessing our website, please write to the UNHCHR, Information Office PW-RS-011, 1211 Geneva 10, and ask for Human Rights Fact Sheets Nos. 7, 12, 15 and 17.

Yours sincerely,

The Petitions Unit

It appears the U.S. is not accountable for human rights violations. I have emailed this story to so many activists today. Please come up with ideas of who to send this story to so we can end world poverty as soon as possible.


I want to make sure everyone all over the world understands clearly that God is telling me he did not send Hurricane Katrina like these religious people are saying and he is going to hold them accountable and make them eat their words.


Well, I am excited to say we have had over 200 visitors to the web site today. In 7 days we have had almost 1000 visitors to the site! I will name a few that visited today. I can only access the last 100 until I can afford to pay a monthly fee for more if anyone wants to know. Several cities in these states were on the site today: Georgia, New Hampshire, Texas, Nevada, New Jersey, D.C., Maryland, Washington State, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, California, Illinois, and more. Countries on the site today: two cities in the Netherlands, four cities in Germany, two cities in Australia, Mexico, six cities in China, ten cities in France, two cities in Sweden, Malaysia, two cities in Spain, Russia, four cities in the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Arab Nations, Denmark, Greece, Nigeria, Lithuania, and more over the last six days that I can't remember. Follow the journal and I will add new states and countries as they visit.

Again I spent the whole day emailing people about what we are doing. I am serious about this and I won't stop. When this all comes out you will see all the people I have talked to face to face over the years about this. I haven't stopped since I was fifteen. There is no way I am gonna stop now when we are so close. There were times I didn't think it was going to happen but I can clearly see this will happen and can't be stopped. Too many people know the plan now and can do it with or without me.

I didn't get to see my son again this week. John won't return my calls or let me talk to my son on the phone. He is in violation of the parenting plan. If he doesn't let me see him for a protracted period of time it becomes a class c felony and he will be subject to arrest. I have the law in my hands and I have a person at the police station who finally listens to me.

I called some of my family that I haven't spoken to in five years. I got a letter from my nephew today. He's getting out of prison soon. He learned it's probably better not to sell cocaine. Now he wants to sell houses. He's a great salesperson with an awesome personality. He could sell you anything. He's half Nigerian. He really wants to help with this business. I believe he will open a lot of doors.

We can't start this business without your dollars. This is everyone's business. Aren't you tired of the way things are? Come on start sending your dollars. The quicker I get them the quicker we can get started.


I received $10.00 today. Thanks. I got an email from John's lawyer Dan Evich that he is trying to get a restraining order for John against me. I have done nothing to warrant a restraining order. I have the law and today I printed out the Judicial Code of Conduct and the Ethical Code of Conduct for lawyers. I will be presenting all my evidence tomorrow to this judge. I will let you know how the judge ruled and behaved. It is time to hold these corrupt judges and lawyers accountable. I have already been in touch with the commission on judicial conduct. They are very interested in my case.

I called the ACLU and informed them I posted their response on this site. They have decided to have a second look. I will let you know what their next decision will be. If they can't help because of limited finances that's one thing but don't tell me my case does not affect large numbers of people. I was arrested for pedestrian interference while exercising my right to freedom of speech which is legal. That is exactly what the charges say. My baby was kidnapped by force from me. I was beat up by the police for exercising my right to remain silent. My baby was given to an abusive person and suffered greatly. If that does not affect large numbers of people then nothing does. What happened to me is happening all over. There are too many people with the same stories as me.

New countries on the site today: Latvia, Czech Republic, Austria, Japan, Taiwan, Macedonia, Thailand, and Israel.

There have been more but it only tracks the last 100 and we have already way bypassed 100 for today. We had 300 yesterday. Keep telling every body. We are not going to stop.

I talked to about five homeless people today in downtown Seattle outside the courthouse in the park. I promised them we are doing this. Come on start sending your one dollar. That's all. How can you not send just one dollar? It's for the babies. One dollar to end world hunger and no more taxes. I know y'all care. If all 1200 people who have visited the site sent just one dollar each we would already have $1200.00. If you have a pay pal account I think you can send money to anyone with an email.

One of the homeless men I met today in the park had a job but got cancer and now can't work. How does he pay his child support? His little girl is only four and he misses her so much. He believes me. Will you? I'm not asking for monthly money. One time one dollar. Everyone can afford one dollar. There are no excuses for not giving just one dollar to end world poverty. Please help the babies!


New countries to visit the site: Uruguay, Morocco, Singapore, Finland, Argentina, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Hungary, Estonia, Bolivia, and Brazil.

New states: Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, Vermont, Utah, Oklahoma, New York, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

1585 visitors as of today!

At court yesterday John's attorney Dan Evich told the judge John wanted to end any kind of visitation I had with Isaiah because I am delusional for believing my story. He gave her copies of my web site as proof of my delusion. She let him go on and on. He was calling me a liar about what has happened to me.

When I finally got to speak, I told her I had proof with me to present to the court about what happened and that I could prove John had been lying the whole time. I told her John had presented no proof that I am an imminent danger to my child and that he was in violation of the parenting plan by two weeks. I also told her there is no evidence that I have ever harmed my son. She told me she didn't have time to listen to me. I read her the judicial code of conduct that said she had to listen to me with patience. She said I got to talk more than most get to. I said, "You mean you don't let people talk even though the law says you have to?" She said, "I will not debate with you."

Even though he presented no proof, not one piece of evidence other than this web site that I was harmful to my son now I have to pay $60 an hour for supervised visits with my son. I don't have money to pay my rent because of all the time I have spent trying to prove my case. I have never denied these things happened to me. I have always maintained the same story. I just stopped telling people for awhile. Now it is time to take care of business. This judge has broken the judicial code of conduct by allowing this to continue. She was supposed to have issued a felony arrest warrant for John for custodial interference and then he has to prove beyond a preponderance of the doubt why he violated the order.

This is only temporary and the next hearing is scheduled for November 14 to try and make it permanent until he can modify the plan so that I can never see my baby again. I will let you know what time and where. The trial to change the parenting plan is assigned to Judge DuBuque. She is the one who told me I had mental problems and to shut up when he got the second restraining order Oct 14, 03. There is absolutely NO WAY I will receive a fair trial with her as judge.

During that hearing John said I had called and left five hours of harassing phone call messages on his voice mail. That was not true nor did he have to prove it. He lied a second time by using my mom's statement without her knowledge and said it meant I wanted to kill my baby after John and his lawyer both told my mom they knew that was not what I meant. She is going to testify to this when we charge both of them with perjury.

After Isaiah was first taken from me by the police I told my mom I would rather sacrifice my son than give in to the enemy. John told the judge I was so religious that he was afraid I would do it. He completely took out of context what I said even though he knew that's not what I meant. There is not one human sacrifice in the bible other than Jesus. There is no way that is what I meant. He told my mom it meant I would rather give up Isaiah than see him get Isaiah and so did the lawyer. Now they used it to their advantage and I was not allowed to explain what I meant. I was not allowed to say anything. He told the judge I was arrested for child luring but had no evidence. I was never charged with child luring.

I figured out yesterday by going through all my documents at the court house that I had inept representation for my divorce. I am going to file a motion to have the divorce decision thrown out based on inept council and I am taking it to trial. I have already entered a lot of evidence to support my side and prove John a liar.
My free attorney that found me at a shelter helped me get visitation. I kept telling her what John had been doing and everything that happened. She would not listen to me and told me there was nothing I could do.

I did not know I could go to trial with my case against him and that I could present my evidence to the court. She forced me to agree to something I didn't agree with. Had she done her job in the first place I would not be going through this now. All she had to do was tell me she did not want to represent me for free through a trial that I was entitled to and I would have done it pro se. When I called to tell her the FBI was getting involved she was in disbelief.

The world is watching this case to see if George Bush is a liar about each citizen having rights and how the media will handle it. George Bush said yesterday in response to Libby's indictment that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty and entitled to due process. I believe I am a citizen. The world will know how an ordinary citizen is really treated vs. what our President says to the world. Libby may get due process and a fair trial because of media attention but I did not. I cannot be arrested and charged with pedestrian interference when the law says exercising your right to freedom of speech shall not constitute pedestrian interference. My rights have been violated, my due process has been violated, my nursing son was mine and should have been returned to me not to an abusive person.

The world wants to know if we really are governed by communism and tyranny disguised as democracy in order to take over the world through deception. This case will prove to them who we really are as a nation and a people. I have emailed this story to every media outlet in the U.S. and as of yet no one has contacted me. The world now knows that the U.S media doesn't care about individuals and now you know it too. Now the world is going to want to know why we really invaded Iraq since there I have proven there is no democracy in the U.S. for individual citizens. My story proves it and so do the countless others I have spoken with.

President Commemorates 40th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act. Remarks by President George W. Bush Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act The East Room:

..."Our nation's conscience was moved by hundreds of thousands who marched right here in the nation's capital to demand the full promise of the Declaration and America's founding law." ..."President John F. Kennedy heard the voices of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, and took up the challenge. Five months before his death, the President said our nation was confronted with a moral issue as old as the scriptures and as clear as the American Constitution, and he called on Congress to pass civil rights legislation." ..."These past four decades in American life give witness to the power of good laws to prevent injustice and encourage the finest qualities of our national character."

"The Civil Rights Act of 1964 gives all Americans another reason to be proud of our country. The work of equality is not done because the evil of bigotry is not finally defeated. Yet the laws of this nation and the good heart of this nation are on the side of equality. And as Dr. King reminded us, "We must not rest until the day when justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream. ...May God continue to bless America."

  • This is the web page I got his statements from

  • Let's see if he really means it by what he does for me and my baby. Isaiah misses me and wants to live with me. He told me so. He cries when he has to go back to his dad. I emailed this story to the President and my senators, governor, and mayor. Do they care? So far either they don't or they don't know my story.

    Thanks for spreading the word. This case will determine your future too. What happened to me proves what can happen to any of us and how bad it's really going to get if we don't do something about it now. Send your dollars to start this company so we can end communism and tyranny disguised as democracy. Until it happens to you or someone you know you won't believe it. There's no way to stop it other than invoking the Declaration of Independence. If you know of another way please let me know.


    Here are a couple of replies I received from supposed Godly people.

    I agree the government can be ruthless and law enforcement never apologizes when it treats people unfairly. With that said, I think you may need medication. Joe at stbridgetchurch.

    He agrees with me yet I need medication for what? No example to support his claim. I have been greatly hurt and he's rude! This is how people are getting hurt in the churches. Where is the support for a sister? If he agrees why isn't he getting involved which is what the bible tells him to do? This is not love from God. This is, "Judge not lest ye be judged." You cannot judge unless you are willing to be judged. I'm willing to be judged, but , just remember, I get to judge back with the same judgment used. "With what you judge you too shall be judged."

    Isn't Saint Bridget a Catholic name? This advice falls under the category of false advertising which against FTC laws. You can't advertise a book you say you believe in so you can receive money from people. This makes the people consumers of a book which makes it fall under the Federal Trade Commission especially since it crosses borders. In order to receive money you must follow your own advertisement otherwise it's called deception.

    You aren't the first person who has been severely challenged & Jesus was the One who made it possible for you to be restored by faith that works by love. Now for you to say there is no democracy in this country shows you need to preserver in faith & love. Please remove me from your mailing list love in Christ Terry. Agape at

    S/he agrees with me that people are hurt but I guess because I'm not the first person I must just have to "suck it up" and let my baby suffer. What have I been "restored" to? S/he says I was restored by faith that works by love. Whose love? God is invisible. The only way He can show me love is through people. Where is Terry's love? I have received no democracy, yet, I am the one who is supposed to be the preserver of faith and love.

    I believe Terry is the one who is supposed to get involved and show love by trying to get democracy for me not by judging me for not being the first to be hurt and then tell me not seek help from churches. Then s/he ends with, "Love in Christ, Terry." Show me one, just one scripture that supports this answer to my dilemma as being from a loving God. I will not be restored until I have my baby back AND all the people who have been hurt receive justice for their suffering.

    This also falls under the category of false advertising. This advice is from a church who sells books to get money. They must follow their own advertisement in the books which were used to set up their business or it's fraud and deception and subject to FTC laws. The books they sell are not just any books. They are advertised as absolute truth. Not theory but absolute truth about how a person who believes the truth is to conduct their life. This makes these books different. They are not sold as fiction or ones that you can believe are just theories. They are sold as absolute truth about what will happen to you in your life and afterlife based on God. These books affect a person's psychological being like no other books can. These books say who God is and what God thinks and demands from people. They must follow their own laws!

    Thank you for contacting the Samaritans. It would not be appropriate for me to visit your website. If you feel you need to contact us about how you are feeling, please do so Take care,

    Samaritans provides confidential emotional support for people experiencing feelings of distress and despair, including those which may lead to suicide.

    Does this person have a personal relationship with God or is Jo governed by policy that God never made and is not scriptural? Does this person serve God or the company? How can s/he know what God wants to happen if s/he doesn't get involved? Based upon my web site I think s/he should be able to come up with some of the things I am feeling and then can respond appropriately. Most people don't even know what they are feeling at any given moment let alone during a crises. Most of us were not taught how to understand feelings and be able to name them. Alright, let's see, I am angry, sad, upset, in mourning, disgusted, and I want justice. Talking to me about it is not going to help, DOING something about it will! What are you going to do?

    Samaritan is a biblical word. That makes this business falling in the same category as any other business who receives money even through donations because of the advertising they use to get the money. If you don't follow the bible's mandates then you cannot use it to get money. That is the law. It's an FTC law. It's called false advertising.

    Sending e-mail to massive numbers of strangers, no matter how pure your intentions are, is spam. Please remove my address from your list. Clayton

    This person is more worried about the 20 seconds it takes him to decide he just wants to delete my message and place me on his block sender list than to get involved and help the world end poverty. Is he concerned about the hungry babies? How about my baby? I only have email addresses to churches, activists, lawyers, missions, and media. I got all my addresses from legitimate places who solicited for responses from people. That makes it not spam. Spam is not emailing to large numbers of people. It is if the email is unsolicited. I get unsolicited emails all the time, I just delete them. No big deal. Who is this person who only cares about himself? We are not going to change the world this way. Don't worry Clayton, I don't need your help. I have enough people who want to help. I just thought you cared about the people in the world and might want to get involved. I do remove these people from my list of contacts but I also respond to their allegations.

    If you don't hear from me for awhile it's because I have been arrested. I called John and left a message on his voice mail that said I had proof that he and his lawyer in writing have committed perjury and that he brought this on himself. That I loved him and had trusted him but he failed to live up to his promises. That I did not start this against him and that he has forced me to present all my evidence against him.

    I didn't know I had a restraining order with John as it was never brought up in court. I thought it was only an order that said I could only see Isaiah through supervised visits. I looked at the restraining order and I am forbidden from disturbing his peace and harassing him but I don't feel I was harassing him. It's not a no contact order anyway. He can't get a restraining order unless it's presented to the court. I listened to my recording of the hearing and they never discussed John feeling harassed by me or her entering an anitharassment order.

    If I go to jail then I will deal with the circumstances and write a post as soon as I can. Sorry everyone, it was not my intention to get myself in trouble for something I didn't even know about. Besides, he didn't have a lawful reason to get the antiharassment order to begin with. It is an illegal order just like the last one. I am going to prove it! There will be justice for the hurting people.

    New states: Idaho, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, and West Virginia.

    New countries: Slovenia and Amman Jordan.

    Also all the states and countries I have mentioned so far come on all the time. I just don't mention them.

    1831 visitors so far!

    I have begun writing on the autobiography and will try to add to my life story when I can.


    New countries today so far: Norway, Romania, Peru, Barbados, Chile, and Switzerland.

    New State: Wisconsin and Oregon.

    2257 visitors so far.

    I have begun to realize that if I get arrested and charged with breaking the order then I will finally get an opportunity to go to trial with my evidence against John and both of his attorneys. Hopefully, if I get arrested I will be released on my own recognizance so I can defend myself. I wouldn't be charged with anything dangerous and I'm not a flight risk. I can prove John and his attorney committed perjury to get the restraining order in the first place which makes it void since it was based on false evidence.

    I listened again to the recording and at no time was any evidence presented to support allegations against me. She can't just believe his allegations. I told her he had not presented any evidence. I can prove I did not get to tell my side. She thinks she let me talk but I have the recording. John's attorney talked for about half an hour, the judge talked for at least twenty minutes and I talked about five minutes. I am going to time each person speaking and present how much time each person received. We are supposed to be allotted the same amount of time to present our sides. She just kept telling me she didn't have time for me to talk but never once said that to John's attorney. She apologized to his attorney at least twice for needing to clarify something with me where I was allowed about twenty seconds to respond. She would say to him, "I'm sorry please go on."

    My daughter is so upset at what John is doing because she knows the truth about his behavior as she has seen it first hand and can testify he is lying about what he is saying about me. I told her yesterday what he now has done and told her we need to try to get the prosecutor to file assault charges against John for what he did to her 2 years ago. The statute of limitations I believe is 3 years. He severely hurt her emotionally by what he did to her and she suffered for a long time afterwards. Every time she heard the name John she jumped. Every time she saw a man who looked like John she jumped. We wouldn't do this if he had changed his behavior and felt bad about what he has done. Not only does he not feel bad but he has gotten worse. No woman should ever get in a relationship with such an abuser without first knowing his true self or allowing her children to be around him unless she knows what he is capable of doing to them when he gets angry.

    He knocked Heather backwards with his elbow to her head causing her pain while she was trying to save one of her kittens from him. She was holding him by his waist trying to prevent him from walking out the front door and screaming for him to stop because she had just witnessed him violently throwing one of the other kittens in the air outside. He had yanked this one out of her hands in her bedroom causing her to fall against her bed and then to the floor which also hurt her. She had caught up with him in the living room and had grabbed his waist in her fear for the kitten. He wanted to get rid of them because he doesn't like cats after he told us we could keep them.

    He threw this cat in the air also. That was the third one. They were four sisters I had rescued from being put to death at three weeks old. He couldn't find the fourth one because it was hiding in terror. It turned out he had thrown them on the roof. He got a ladder and climbed onto the roof. He told Heather repeatedly he wanted her to watch him smash the kittens to the pavement in order to kill them. She stood on the ground at 14 years old with her arms extended in the air to try and catch the kitten so it wouldn't die while she was gagging and coughing from crying so hard and screaming for him to stop. I was begging her to come in the house so she would not witness the death of the kittens at John's hands. I was protecting Isaiah who was only 4 or 5 months old.

    The neighbor who I went and got to help us kept saying we needed to call the police but I kept hesitating because I wanted to give John an opportunity to calm himself down. I was trying to leave the situation in order to protect my children from him and give him an opportunity to calm down. I had Isaiah strapped into his car seat and was heading to the car when John walked up to me and grabbed hold of the carrier. I was not about to let him have Isaiah in his uncontrollable rage. He yanked the carrier towards himself. He is very strong as he works with his hands and arms doing autobody work.

    I pulled back so he couldn't get an upperhand in the situation. I was very scared for my baby. He has driven on the busy freeway with me and in his rage almost killed us by swerving in out of traffic at 70 miles an hour without looking to see if anything was there first. I was so scared, I thought I was going to die or be severely hurt. I begged him to let me out on the freeway so I could walk. I was begging God to take care of me. Not too many things have sent that much terror through me.

    I had no idea what he would do with Isaiah since he couldn't control himself and I had already seen it before. He had kidnapped Isaiah for three weeks and had only been back for four days when he did this. He has been trying to control me for a long time and uses mean ways to do it. He yanked the carrier towards him again. It wasn't a violent shaking back and forth. I would lean back and pull Isaiah back towards me since the car seat was hooked on my elbow and I had clenched my wrist with the other hand so I wouldn't let go. Then he would yank hard back towards himself. The way he was yanking, if Isaiah had not been strapped in, he could have easily flipped out onto the pavement. John was not coherent enough to know Isaiah was strapped in.

    The neighbor who was trying to calm John down and couldn't so he left to go home and call the police. I began screaming the neighbor's name to get him to come back. This caused John to let go of the carrier. I began running to the neighbor with John in pursuit. I ran behind the neighbor and he put up his hands and told John he would not let him touch me. I had the phone in my hand and so I called the police. When he knew the police were coming he changed his behavior. He acted calm and rational. He admitted to the police that he had yanked Isaiah pretty hard. My statement, Heather's statement, and the neighbor's statement all matched even though we were questioned separately.

    John was arrested and spent two weeks in jail. I finally got the judge to lower his bail so he could get out. The judge gave John a no contact order and ordered him to seek psychiatric counseling and anger management. John's attorney kept trying to blame me. He was as bad as John at blaming the victim. The judge kept telling him to stop blaming me. He kept on until the judge told him he was going to take him into his chambers and have a talk with him if he didn't stop. He was charged with 4th degree assault against Isaiah but not charged with assaulting Heather when he should have been.

    He wasn't supposed to contact me through friends. The neighbor who had helped now tried to get John out of the mess he had created for himself. While John was in jail the neighbor told me John wanted me to get a lien on the house so he could be bailed out of jail. John and I talked on the phone a lot during his no contact time after he got out of jail. There are phone records to prove it. Even if I contacted him he was still not supposed to talk to me.

    His counselors said he was very controlling and had an addictive personality in their reports to the court. He convinced me it was my fault. Victims usually blame themselves; that's why they are victims. Abusers blame the victims. That is exactly what he did. The church we had been going to blamed me too. This caused me to write a four page letter to the judge making it look like it wasn't as bad as it really was and asking him to drop the charges. He said John had a much deeper problem that needed to be addressed and that it would take John a long time to change. He also admonished the church for supporting John.

    John's lawyer said I recanted my story and that because of my lies and a restraining order I took out on him, he has had to pay thousands in legal expenses and counseling. First of all I never recanted. Second of all I did not take out the restraining order. All I did was call the police when he tried to take Isaiah. The judge ordered the no contact order based on three eye witness accounts and John's own statement to the police where he admitted what he had done with Isaiah. It was all out of my control. I tried repeatedly to get the judge to drop the no contact order but he would not. John's attorney has accused me of doing something the judge did. This is making false allegations to the court which is perjury and lying under oath to my free attorney. Neither the judges or my free attorney ever checked out the truth nor would they let me present my evidence to them to prove the truth.

    I will write more about this soon.

    I want to give a special hello to all the cities in China who visit with me every day and are following my journey.


    New countries so far today: Egypt, Venezuela, Korea, Croatia, and India.

    530 visitors yesterday! That's the best day so far.

    2635 visitors so far.

    I feel guilty for not giving a special hello to all the returning people who visit with me every day. I'm sorry, I hope I didn't offend you. I graduated from Lawrence High School in Kansas and it's fun to see someone from Lawrence spending so much time reading my journal.

    I watched a program on the origins of Halloween on the history channel last night. It was very interesting. It started about 3000 years ago in Ireland with the Celts. They were performing rituals of communion with the dead. That's really interesting as something happened the week of Halloween two years ago, 2003 when I was homeless that involved these kinds of things that I knew nothing of until it happened to me. I saw things that I know others saw too. Did anyone see things happening on TV that they want to talk about that did not make sense?

    I also watched a pastor on CNN last night who is responsible for a play called Hell House that scares people in to accepting Jesus as their savior. Tom Foreman from Plainview, TX was the reporter. Keenan Roberts was the man who wrote the script. He said God is real, demonic forces are real, heaven is real, and hell is real. I wonder if they are going to say he is religiously preoccupied, delusional, and paranoid and take his children from him.

    That's exactly what's happened to me for talking about God. He has said way more than I ever did. He even said it on national TV. So far as yet not one religious person has stood up for me. Not one to the officials who count. I have met a reverend named Edward who said he believes me and will help me prove some religious leader are guilty of fraud and false advertising. He is a very nice person and I am looking forward to meeting him. He said he will be with us till the end. I have also met a Muslim man who said he will be with us to the end also. He said I'm starting with you and I'm ending with you. These people know it is not about religion, that it is about taking care of the people.


    It's about 8 AM. I am going down to Seattle today to support the anti war movement and hand out flyers to get people to join with me and start this company. I am going to spend this month advertising as much as I can and then next month start talking to the people who want to start the first tent city. We are going to start going to every church that has space big enough and get them to commit to a three month stay on their property. There are a few things we need to get done first before the first tent city is set up.

    We are not going to call it tent city. We are going to call it God's Helping Hand Mysteries. Note I said mystery and not ministry. God is not a ministry He is a mystery. No one can figure out God. Right now all He wants to do is take the money from the people who are lying in order to get it and give it to the people He can trust to feed all the hungry people. This business will work as all my ideas came from God and have already been tested to work. All the ideas came from companies I have been watching for a long time. I took their ideas and have meshed them into this company.

    Mary Kay Ash wrote down all the things that worked and didn't work for the companies she worked for and then with Godly principles leading her, she created Mary Kay Cosmetics against the advice of her lawyer and accountant. Place God first in your life and treat others as you would want them to treat you. All the nay sayers in my life are not treating me the way they would want me to treat them. All the religious people I know are not treating me the way they would want me to treat them.

    John takes our son to a lady who watches him everyday. She professes to be a Christian. She prophesies in front of the congregation and talks in tongue. She says she can hear voices in her head and that she talks to God and He talks to her. She uses the bible to say what she does yet does not follow it. I asked if I could call my son during the day and speak to him because I miss him very much. His attention span is that of a 3 year old because he is 3 years old. That means he'll talk anywhere from not at all to about five minutes. I want to call him several times a day so I can keep up the relationship. Every thing they did to me was against biblical teaching. She will not let me call my son while he is at her house. I am asking you, where is a loving God expressed in that?

    God is getting ready to hold the people accountable who say with their mouth one thing and then act another way. God is not happy about people who use Him for their own selfish desires and refuse to grow up. And this is what love is: Romans 12:9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited. 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 20 "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head." 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    Rom 13:9 ...and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: "Love your neighbor as yourself." 10 Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

    Cor 13:1 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.

    4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never
    . But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.

    11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12 Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

    Either you believe this or you don't but don't say you do when you don't follow it. That is a slap in the face to our mighty God and He says vengeance is His.


    3719 visitors.

    I am not feeling real well. I have a few updates to give you but I will do that tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who continues to follow this journey and to all the new people. Things are getting ready to happen. My ex uses everything I say here against me so I have to be careful what I say but in the end it's going to be him who will be wondering why he didn't believe me all along. I can see clearly what is going to happen and soon you will too.


    4223 visitors so far.

    New Countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and New Zealand.

    New State: Arizona.

    I'm watching TBN tonight and I'm really wondering what good they are doing. They act like they can talk in a different language yet what good is it? They say they can prophesy and give words to us from God yet all it ever has to do with is money and prosperity. They say they have so many satellites that they pay 16 million dollars a month just to pay for them. I wonder how much they pay for buildings and utilities. What about publishing? The insides of the buildings they are telecasting from look very expensive. How about all the media, plants, musical equipment, beautiful clothes they wear, manicures, and jewelry. I wonder if they have nice houses and cars. They say TBN is 100% debt free. How much money do they take in? Now they just said the satellites cost 3 million dollars a month. They can't make up their minds how much they cost.

    I am looking forward to the day we get to challenge these people and make them prove what they are doing with the money they talk people into giving them. We are always going to let people know where we are and what we are doing so everyone will know and can come see for themselves. How much money we have will always be known to anyone who wants to know anytime. What we own will always be known. Everyone will always be welcome to join us anytime 24x7! I have some really good ideas about how we are going to get media attention to what we are doing so people will start getting involved in ending world poverty. The goal will always be to end world poverty. It will never shift to anything else. It's starting out that way and it will end that way. What happens along the way like exposing fraud will just be icing on the cake.

    I am looking forward to going to court with John. I am going to try and present my evidence one again. What they don't understand is that I have staying power and I am determined. John does not understand the avenues I have at my disposal. Since I am representing myself I can take it all the way to the Supreme Court for next to nothing. I am looking forward to teaching people how to represent themselves and start doing something about these judges causing us to file appeals because they are breaking the judicial code of conduct. Something else John doesn't understand is that I learn every time I have to go to the court house so this is great school for me.

    School costs money and time. So far it hasn't cost me too much money. This is actually fun for me. I am hating not having my son and that he has been the one that has had to suffer the most but in the end I will win. One day Isaiah will grow up and see the evidence for himself and will be able to make his own decision about who he believes. I would personally prefer he gets to live me so he will grow up in love but at the same time I am not going to die in a quagmire of despair while hoping. No, I am fighting to the end. I will never stop fighting. John must hire an attorney because he can barely read. There is no possible way he could do this on his own and eventually he will run out of money. People intimidate and no one intimidates me. I seriously mean no one. I could debate with the President of the United States and run circles around him. He would be so angry at my egalitarian attitude that he would not be able to think straight. I believe we are all equal and entitled to speak our mind. Judges do not scare me nor do lawyers.

    I don't have to worry about money because I know how to do almost anything. I love to read and study. Part of my passion is learning something new and incorporating it in my life. If I don't know how to do something, I will study it to it's death. I will talk to anyone who knows anything about it and then study some more. John hates to study or read or learn new things. He will give up before this is over or he will bankrupt.

    I found out if you don't pay on something for like 7 years the company can file a dead debt and write it off. It's kind of like filing bankruptcy without paying to do so. I do want to pay my debts and I have no plans not to. It's funny that people try to get me to pay my debt by scaring me. I have never wanted to buy a house or a car and be in debt. I don't care about credit scores. One of the reasons I want to start this company is to help everyone pay off their debts. I want to bankrupt the credit card companies and show them how it feels. I want to supply all the loans and put the banks out of business. What is so great is they are under the delusion that it can't happen so they will never see me as a threat until it's too late. Even if they read what I have written they will just laugh because they think it is impossible but they cannot see what I see because it is my vision and I am the only one with the passion to make it happen. It's actually God's passion but I made it mine too. If God wants it I want it. Whatever God wants that's what I want.

    I have wanted to know God as long as I can remember. I have known God since I was five but I have not loved God all that time. How can I do or feel that which I have never experienced? I must walk it and practice it and study it. I had to study love. No one showed me love on a consistent basis. Here and there a teacher would show me love but not my parents. They could not give me that which they didn't know how to give me. They could have done what I am doing but they had no desire to and still don't. Maybe one day they will have the desire to want to learn new things but for now they believe they know all there is to know and that they did the best they could and that nothing can change the past.

    The problem with that thinking is it affects the present. No growth in the past plus no growth in the present makes for a stagnant person who thinks there's no better way to live. They keep making the same mistakes over and over and then wonder why life doesn't get better. Only desire to want to change and see mistakes for what they are can teach a person to take responsibility for hurting people including themselves. What causes a person to receive this desire? Where does it come from? In my life I can only attribute it to God. No one in my family taught me this.

    It's what caused me to ask God to teach me how to let Him love me. He told me the only way I could love Him was for me to first let Him love me. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. How do you know what it looks like to love your neighbor if you can't love yourself? Where do you learn how to love yourself? I've read a lot on the subject of love. Letting God love me was very hard. Learning what it meant and then believing it was very hard. Believing He was not angry with me was very hard. I will tell you soon what God showed me to help me believe the way He felt about me.

    I love God so much and He has healed my broken heart. I want to share His love with every one. I know there are a few places I need to go back through this journal and finish a few stories I started. I will, I promise. Thanks for reading.


    I talked to an attorney today for a free 30 minute consultation and looks like I will probably win at least this little battle, but the war is still on. He isn't alleging anything new. I will probably get make up time with my son and some compensation for all my expenses. I have been sick for a few days now and today I have laryngitis. I have been sleeping a lot because I am exhausted from being sick and trying to take care of this court stuff. I should be getting my psychiatrist's evaluation soon about what she thinks of this web site. I might change a few things about this site anyway. If you have any ideas please email them to me. I want to be effective. I guess no one can really help me get my son back unless it's a lawyer. I can represent myself I just need to know what to do and how to file all the paperwork.

    I want to write more but I don't feel well and need to go to bed. I have plenty more to say so please keep checking. I may not be able to write every day but I will definitely be writing more. I am still very excited about getting the business going. I know how to do it without anyone sending money. Maybe that's why no one is because God wants the homeless people to prove they can do it by themselves. Maybe it will mean more if we do it without start up money. I have always said we could now I guess I get to prove it. I won't ask for any more money and I will go back and change any place I have already asked. Thanks for reading.


    If anyone from China is still reading my blog please make sure you let the leaders of China know my story so he can tell President Bush how he can advise China on democracy when I can prove poor people do not have democracy in the United States! I can prove my story and I have almost all of my evidence gathered. Today I started an investigation into the conduct of the Seattle Police that started this whole thing. I am guaranteed an investigation. I also found out today that the officer could not write anything about my political and religious activities in the police report in order to protect an individual's rights unless it was for a ligitimate lawful purpose. I can't be charged with something that is legal. I have much evidence of a chain conspiracy perpetrated my many people who consistantly broke the law and others who were obligated by law to do something when I informed them of what happened to me and my son.

    I have absolute proof as I have always stated to include recorded court proceedings of John and his attorney committing perjury. I also court recordings of Judges breaking the law. These people don't believe me but I know the truth and how to make it known to the world. I can't wait to tell everyone who denied me help because I am poor. The business is starting this month and I am very excited about it. It is guaranteed not to fail. I have many people now who are ready to start it with me. We don't need money after all.


    I know I have not updated in a while but very soon everyone will know me.


    Well, it has definately been a long four months. I gave up my apartment four months ago to become homeless in order to organize all the people and start a business that would end homelessness. When I started out I could not have imagined the success I would have.

    God has indeed been so incredible! I have seen things that no ordinary person could have possibly imagined. This has been black history month all of Feb. and I have gone around and informed all the Africans of what we are doing. We are marching in honor of Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King.

    I am about to prove the truth about black history. I am native american and I am invoking the declaration of independence and declared myself the new Mayor! I don't want to be paid, I just want to do the job. The Africans are due 40 acres and a mule compounded interest daily since 1800 and something! They are also due compensation for all the crimes done to them like having to bend over cotton in 115 degree weather with no sunscreen. I bet the skin peeled off their backs.

    All the students are about to boycott the schools and not walk back in until I say! We are going back to the basics and live the way the Africans and Natives did. Neither tribe sent their children to school. That came from rich people. Well, we are about to bankrupt the rich and have a reversal of fortune. I am going to be voted the new president and treasurer of all non profits! Every one is going to own every thing. No such thing as trespassing any more!

    We are marching from Oxydental Park to Coleman school.