Can we end poverty? Yes, together we can and we will prove it!

Every day 18,750 children under five years old dies from a lack of food. Life is an opportunity not an obligation! I am not starting the non-profit day labor company to proselytize. The goal is to end World Poverty not judge people for what they do or don't believe about God. I hope that you want to help the homeless and hungry people not judge me for my beliefs about God. It's time to invoke the Declaration of Independence!

Location: Washington, United States

I'm funny, cute, smart, and three years old. I love it when my mommy reads me books and plays with me. I like to paint my club house made from a box that the tv came in. I'm really sad because I only get to see her every other weekend. My daddy is not very nice to her and he won't let me spend more time with her. I want to live with her.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I am a 39 year old divorced white female. I have studied religion, politics, and human behavior extensively from the Universities of Library, New and Used Books, Debate, Newspaper, Radio, TV, Documentaries, Church, Internet, and various other sources. Most of my education was free except for the occasional purchase of books, magazines, newspapers, pens, paper, and overdue library fines.

I home schooled my daughter until she was 14. She went to school and even though she had already home schooled the ninth grade she wouldn't have enough credits to graduate from school so they placed her back in the ninth grade. She was able to complete tenth and eleventh at the same time during the next year. She finished number one in her class. She is now a senior and still ranking #1 with a 4.0 GPA. I was a single mom during her home school years.

I have a three year old sweet little boy. He always makes me laugh. I love being with him.

My ex divorced me. I did not want the divorce but now I am glad and would never be with him again. He divorced me because I would not repent to the church for disagreeing about how a woman submits to a man. He was convicted of 4th degree assault against Isaiah. He knocked Heather to the ground and told her he wanted her to watch him kill our kittens.

His adult son who is over 6 Ft tall and weighs at least 250 lbs wrote on the back of a picture of me, "I could rape this little b____ if I wanted to, yeah, I think I will and videotape it and then show it to my dad. He'll think that real Christian like. Ha Ha Ha." His son has been in and out of juvi since he was 11 for major crimes. He was so difficult to handle in juvi that he never got any priviledges.

John has had at least 2 DUIs and other convictions that I am in the process of getting records of. He told the judge he has never had a problem with alcohol, I believe that's perjury. He also has had a very hard time managing his money and has filed bankruptcy in the past. Because of him I am now in debt. I have never been in debt in my whole life. He convinced me to get 0% interest rate credit cards so he could transfer his high interest cards to my name. He promised to have them paid in one year as he earns $60,000.00 a year. I trusted him. I did not understand his problem with money. He and his son are very materialistic and must have the best of the best brand names. I did not even know brand names before I met him.

After that while he still had a no contact order his lawyer took me to another jurisdiction and tried to get custody of Isaiah even though he knew John had a no contact order. He used 10 signed affidavits from John's friends that were all lies or hearsay. He said I was a sloven housekeeper. I did not get married to be a slave. He promised me for 18 months that he would help me get the business going that would end poverty. I finally believed him and then married him. All he has done since we married is try to prevent me from starting the business. He has lied to all our friends and neighbors about me. They have believed all his lies even though I have evidence to prove he is lying.

These judges and lawyers deserve to lose their jobs. I am going to start the process of having them investigated by the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Lawyers Ethics Committee. We will see what if anything happens. I looked up judges who have been investigated for Code violations. There have been over 4,000 claims against judges in Washington State alone and only 118 have actually been investigated. No wonder they are not afraid of the Commission. I will not stop until the people who are being abused by the system are vindicated.


Blogger trueninetiesgirl said...

how is isaiah doing know? what will the courts do?can they stop all your visit?just because they dont like what you have to say in your web page?go to a law librarie you can find one at a college. good luck, keep your head up and try to keep cool in court.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Hi Nancy,
Its Dee. I want u to come and c me. Send me a valid email address so I can give you my address. Here is my e-mail address: Get at me as soon as you can, because I really need to talk to you about something very important.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi nancy

its greg,
from venice beach
thanks for great evening last night and good luck on yur crusades
and yur journey back up to seattle

11:23 AM  

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