Can we end poverty? Yes, together we can and we will prove it!

Every day 18,750 children under five years old dies from a lack of food. Life is an opportunity not an obligation! I am not starting the non-profit day labor company to proselytize. The goal is to end World Poverty not judge people for what they do or don't believe about God. I hope that you want to help the homeless and hungry people not judge me for my beliefs about God. It's time to invoke the Declaration of Independence!

Location: Washington, United States

I'm funny, cute, smart, and three years old. I love it when my mommy reads me books and plays with me. I like to paint my club house made from a box that the tv came in. I'm really sad because I only get to see her every other weekend. My daddy is not very nice to her and he won't let me spend more time with her. I want to live with her.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This is what he looked like when he was taken from me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. It's been awhile since I have blogged on this site. I am not able to get back on this site and make changes as I don't remember the password. Please do not send a dollar to the home address listed as it is no longer mine. Please check my new blog at
It's better than this one. I have been arrested many times since my last post in an effort to end world poverty. The police are out of control and about to declare marshall law. I am so excited at all the things that have happened and that I had put this site out there before I began travelling the road to California. I am now in Venice Beach. I travelled all the way down to San Diego and back up again. I walked, ran, rode in cars, on the rail, in the buses, on bikes, and even was pushed in shopping carts! I have learned so much and seen so much that my story ties in with so many more. We are about to have our voices heard. Since the last time I blogged on this site I never quit telling my story. I told at least five thousand people in person on the road what happened to me in Seattle. They have all promised to help.

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Blogger Sassys Opinion said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Blogger Sassys Opinion said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Blogger Sassys Opinion said...

Today is 1-16-10 The day after MLK's birthday. I have a new blog at
My phone # is 512-622-3288

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Blogger Sassys Opinion said...

Sorry I gave the wrong phone number. This is it 512-633-3288

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Blogger Sassys Opinion said...

There is a reason I could not get back on this site. God wouldn't let me. I tried to delete this site because I didn't want John or Michael harmed by the people that love me. I said in an earlier post that my other site was better than this one. That statement is not true. It seemed so at the time but I was still diluted in my thinking. All my site are of equal importance. Read them all and watch my videos as I am about to end world suffering. God sent me!

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